Precision Physiotherapy
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Precision Physiotherapy (WA) Pty Ltd
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Private patients do not require a referral. Patients seeking insurance compensation from a motor vehicle accident (MVA), Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) or work related injury will require a referral from their G.P.

Wearing loose clothes will allow muscle and joint testing to be carried out more easily. In some cases (with the patient's consent) patients may be asked by the therapist to remove heavy or restricting clothing. In the case of conditions which are irritated from running/walking or playing sport, the therapist may ask to see the foot-wear worn during these activities.

The initial consultation involves assessing the area of concern. The physiotherapist will ask questions about the history and nature of the problem. Describing the region of pain, how it changes with movement and a description of what you feel improves the physiotherapist's understanding of the structure/s at fault. The physiotherapist will then conduct various tests to assist in making a diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is made, the physiotherapist can begin treating the area by selecting one or more treatment techniques. The patient is always asked for consent before using various techniques such as joint manipulation (clicking) and acupuncture.




Common regions treated
Cervical (neck), Thoracic (upper back), Lumbar (lower back), Hips, Shoulders, Knees, Elbows and Ankles.

Common conditions
Headaches, spinal stiffness and/or pain, spinal disc degeneration, nerve root pathology, facet joint, muscle tears and strains, ligament sprains, sciatica, hip pain, bursitis, osteitis pubis, shin splints, knee replacement or reconstruction rehabilitation, meniscal injury, patellofemoral pain, rotator cuff injury and foot/ankle problems.


Massage Therapy
Massage services are offered at Manning and Alfred Cove practices.
Massages available include Relaxation, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. If you see one of our Massage Therapists who has a Diploma level qualification and is a registered provider, you can claim instantly on the day using our HICAPS EFTPOS terminal.

 Due to our busy timetable it is essential to make an appointment. In most cases we are still able to offer same day appointments.
All practices offer HICAPS
(instant private health cover claims) & EFTPOS facilities.