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Precision Physiotherapy WA offers a tutoring service for overseas physiotherapists preparing for the Australian Physiotherapy Council (APC) musculoskeletal (MSK) clinical exam. This service would also benefit university students preparing for musculoskeletal clinical placements and exams.

The goal of the tutoring service is to establish the candidate's current level of understanding and clinical skills, identify weak-spots, upskill the candidate by improving the essential theory and practical skills for assessment, clinical reasoning, treatment and management of MSK conditions, and providing a mock exam assessment.

The level and amount of tutoring required is identified during the initial consultation. In many cases, both tutor and candidate are confident after the first (and only) tuition session.

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Tutoring co-ordinator: Dr Aubrey Monie PhD(UWA), B.Sc. Physio, Grad.Dip. Sports Man.Thrpy, M.M.T.(Distinction), M.Med.Sc. (shoulder research,UWA), Clinical MSK assessor for the Australian Physiotherapy Council (APC), Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) titled member: Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist.

Note: The MSK tutor for a given APC candidate cannot also be the candidate's APC examiner. Once the APC examiner is known, a different MSK tutor will be allocated for that APC candidate.

APC Musculoskeletal candidate, Petra.B. writes [2018] :

"I'd recommend the tutoring service with Precision Physiotherapy. You will be paired up for an hour with an experienced MSK therapist who will guide you through a pretended exam situation, identifying your strengths and what you will need to develop and be mindful of without taking your confidence away if weaknesses in your assessment or treatment occured.

It is good a tool to ascertain your level of knowledge and consolidate what you already know"

and then a few weeks later...

Dear Aubrey

APC email came through yesterday and I was delighted to see that there was a "satisfactory" result. Being my first one of the three I was soooo nervous but you and Vivienne in your role as assessors were kind and not as intimidating as I thought you would be. So many Thanks again for getting the spark again going for me for MSK... For me it's on to the next one now....cardiorespiratory.... Kind regards, Petra B


APC Musculoskeletal candidate, Erica.D. writes [2018]:

"I'm glad I had  mentoring, even though it was just a few days before the exam. Being a one on one  session, it focuses on your weaknesses and helps with any doubts one may have. It gave me confidence to achieve an objective assessment as well as the subsequent treatment."

APC Musculoskeletal candidate, Pavitra.P. writes [2018]:

"The tutoring sessions I took helped me a lot to go through the exams. The sessions were very informative and it not only helped clear my concepts but also improved my skills practically. Overall I was able to give the exam more confidently and have a good clinical reasoning in mind. I am glad I took the mentoring and would like to recommend to others too."

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