The mechanism of hamstring injuries: a systematic review

Danielsson et al., (2020) in BioMed Central [BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders] reviewed 26 studies on the mechanism of hamstring injuries. They conclude that the stretch-type injury is caused when the hip is flexed (when you raise your knee towards the chest) and the knee is extended (straightening) towards the late swing phase of a kick or running action. As the knee approaches this straight position, during high speeds, the hamstring muscle group suddenly tries to slow the leg down, to prevent the knee from hyperextending. This excessive strain on weak or fatigued hamstrings, overloads the muscle group and causes it to fail.

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Concussion in Kids

In a recent publication by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Van Ierssel et al., (Oct 2020) report,

Concussion risk in children and adolescents aged 5–18 years?

“Previously concussed children have four times the risk of sustaining a concussion compared with those with no previous concussion history. This should be a consideration for clinicians in return to sport decision-making.”