Remedial Massage

Remedial massage therapy is offered in our Manning and Alfred Cove practices. You may be able to claim back some of the cost using your private health cover (depending on your insurance and the massage therapist’s registration). Please ask our receptionist when booking

If you experience pain or dysfunction and are not improving after two massage visits, we recommend consulting one of our physiotherapists, for a formal assessment, to identify any other causes/factors (other than muscle), which may be the underlying source of your aches/pains.

Our HICAPS EFTPOS terminals allow instant claiming for most private health funds.

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Types of Massage

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage aims to identify your ‘problem’ areas and improve the function of these regions. Your remedial massage therapist will ask you about your condition, or you may have specific instructions from one of our physiotherapists. Massage techniques may include myofascial release, active-fascial release, and trigger point therapy. Tight muscles may not always be remedied by massage. If fact, the majority of spinal tightness and pain does not originate from muscle. We recommend that persisting muscle tightness and/or pain, be reviewed by one of our physiotherapists.

Sports Massage

Sports massage aims to improve performance or improve recovery. The two massages are quite different, so it is important to explain to the remedial massage therapist if you are planning to play a sport or compete in the near future, in which case they need to consider the intensity of their myofascial release and trigger point techniques, to allow post-treatment soreness and tissue healing time. However, if you need a recovery massage, again, explain this to the therapist, so they can focus on techniques to improve muscle relaxation and muscle length.

Relaxation Massage

Last but certainly not least, we offer relaxation massage. Relaxation massage is ideal for clients who are experiencing high levels of stress. Treating certain areas such as the neck, shoulders, head, and face (optional) can really help to ‘unwind’ tense patients. Evidence shows that relaxation massage is also beneficial for patients who experience chronic (long-lasting) pain. While we suggest assessment by one of our university qualified physiotherapists for persisting aches and pains, relaxation massage may be a useful adjunct treatment.

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Our combined qualifications and knowledge include; Ph.D.(low back pain), Master of Manual Therapy, Master of Medical Science (shoulder thesis), Grad. Dip. Sports Manual Therapy, B.Sc. Physiotherapy, and Myofascial Dry Needling (all therapists), Pilates, Personal Training, Former Teaching Fellow for the centre for Musculoskeletal Studies (UWA), Musculoskeletal clinical assessor for the Australian Physiotherapy Council.

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