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All of our physiotherapists have a professional university-level qualification as a minimum requirement. We operate as an evidence-based practice, using clinical approaches proven and recommended through research and consensus guidelines.

We have a professional development program to keep us up-to-date with current practice guidelines.

Our senior physiotherapist, Dr. Aubrey Monie, who contributes to, and supervises our professional development, has several university-level qualifications, is a former adjunct teaching fellow at The University of Western Australia, and an Australian Physiotherapy Association titled musculoskeletal physiotherapist.


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Meet the Precision Physiotherapy Team

Dr. Aubrey Monie (Ph.D., Senior Physiotherapist)

Ph.D. (Lumbar spine), B.Sc. Physiotherapy, Graduate Diploma Sports Manual Therapy, Master of Manual Therapy with Distinction, Master of Medical Science (Shoulder JPS), Advanced course Dry Needling (2000), APA titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Former Adjunct Teaching Fellow (U.W.A. Master’s Degree), Former Musculoskeletal Clinical Assessor for the Australian Physiotherapy Council.

Aubrey received his physiotherapy degree from Curtin University (Perth, Western Australia) in 1998. In 2003 Aubrey completed a Graduate Diploma in Sports & Manual Therapy from the Centre for Musculoskeletal Studies at the University of Western Australia (CMS, UWA) and then completed his Master of Medical Science (by thesis, shoulder JPS) at UWA in January 2009 and lectured and tutored anatomy for Notre Dame University physiotherapy students during this time. He has held positions as a personal trainer and sports trainer for various sporting clubs, including; Perth Demons FC, Dianella White Eagles soccer club, Nedlands Rugby, and Cobra Kickboxing. Aubrey was an Adjunct Teaching Fellow at the Centre for Musculoskeletal Studies while completing his Master of Manual Therapy degree (with Distinction) at U.W.A. In 2016 Aubrey completed his Ph.D. project at UWA and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, which investigated mechanical low back pain and reported diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of problematic lumbar spine structures. Aubrey and co-authors have published in international, peer-review journals. Aubrey has also reviewed manuscripts for journal publications. Aubrey is a titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Aubrey has years of experience in strength and conditioning and athletics. He has competed in Muay Thai/Kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has taught Mixed Martial Arts since he was a teenager. In his ‘old age!’ he splits his training evenly between cardiovascular training, stretching, and strengthening.

Overall, Aubrey has significant theoretical and practical experience and is well trained to assess, diagnose and treat musculoskeletal (muscle, nerve, and joint related) conditions.

Image: Aubrey assessing the cervical spine.

Cameron Jackson (Senior Physiotherapist)

B.Sc. Physiotherapy (Curtin), Dry Needling. APAM

Cameron has worked at Precision Physiotherapy since graduating from Curtin University in 2014. He thoroughly enjoys assisting his patients, of all ages and walks of life, who present with musculoskeletal conditions. Cameron has a interest in sports injuries and is familiar with those specific to contact sports. He prides himself on his ability to assess, problem-solve, diagnose and manage common and complex conditions, in all regions of the body.

Cameron has played competitive Australian rules football, as well as social golf, basketball, tennis, and squash. As a lover of sport, Cameron follows many codes and is a big fan of Aussie rules, basketball, and American football.

Cameron works in our Manning practice Monday to Friday.

Melissa Mongeal (Senior Physiotherapist)

B.Sc. Physiotherapy (Germany), APAM

Melissa grew up in France and completed her Physiotherapy degree in 2014. Melissa has worked as a physiotherapist, support worker, and sports trainer, and has practiced Yoga on a regular basis for over three years.

Melissa treats a variety of conditions including neck & back pain, shoulder, hip and knee conditions, sports injuries, worker and motor vehicle injuries, osteoarthritis and headaches and uses a combination of joint mobilisation, soft-tissue massage, dry needling, and exercise, as part of a multi-modal approach to deal with musculoskeletal conditions.

Working at Precision Physiotherapy Alfred Cove (near Melville), Melissa has teamed up with like-minded clinicians, who aim for accurate diagnosis, treating the source of a problem, exercise prescription, and excellent patient outcomes. Melissa also teaches a regular Tuesday 6pm Yoga/Pilates hybrid class in Alfred Cove [bookings essential]. 

Overall, Melissa is an evidence-based, effective physiotherapist, who likes to assess thoroughly, target the source of a problem, and achieve excellent patient outcomes.

Image: Melissa treating a new mum.

Ruth Lira (Senior Physiotherapist)

B.Sc. Physiotherapy (Curtin), APAM

Ruth has over 10 years of experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, covering spinal & shoulder pain, post-operative joint rehabilitation, jaw pain and woman’s health concerns.  She manages post-natal and incontinence issues. Ruth has a special interest and extensive training in treating vertigo and balance disorders, offering a comprehensive assessment to manage these vestibular problems. 

Ruth works in our Brentwood practice, located inside the medical center, just opposite the Brentwood Village shopping center.

Matthew Irwin (Senior Physiotherapist)

B.Sc. Physiotherapy (Curtin), APAM

Matt doesn’t need an introduction, he has been part of the furniture since 2009. Since graduating, Matt has worked at Precision, and he has learnt to assess, clinically reason, diagnose, treat and manage patients. He has also attended professional development and contributed to the Team’s learning for years – he is an expert in the field.

Matt works in our Brentwood practice, located inside the medical center, just opposite the Brentwood Village shopping center.

Sarah Brook (Physiotherapist)

B.Sc. Physiotherapy (Curtin), APAM

Since joining Precision Physiotherapy, Sarah has proven to be a methodical and effective clinician.

During her studies, Sarah gained extensive exposure to sports-related injuries through her role as head sports trainer for her local football club across their colts, league, reserve, and their women’s teams. Sarah has worked for UniSport Australia, where she was the trainer for the judo and lacrosse teams. Sarah is a true lover of sports, being a dancer for 16 years, while also participating in volleyball, netball, cross country, little athletics, and swimming. She is an avid follower of Rugby union. Sarah is passionate about providing the best evidence-based practice, tailored for each individual for all musculoskeletal concerns.

Sarah works from our Manning practice.

Zoe Fan (Physiotherapist)

B.Sc. Physiotherapy (Hungary), M. Public Health, APAM

Zoe completed her Physiotherapy degree in Hungary (2019) and has worked in private practice and for Hungary’s DEAC Basketball Academy. Zoe has also completed an Acupuncture and Massage course and professional training in Mat Pilates (Level 1 & 2), which when used as an exercise program, is easy to practice at home (without the need of reformer equipment).

Zoe works from our Alfred Cove practice.

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Our combined qualifications and knowledge include; Ph.D.(low back pain), Master of Manual Therapy, Master of Medical Science (shoulder thesis), Grad. Dip. Sports Manual Therapy, B.Sc. Physiotherapy, and Myofascial Dry Needling (all therapists), Pilates, Personal Training, Former Teaching Fellow for the centre for Musculoskeletal Studies (UWA), Musculoskeletal clinical assessor for the Australian Physiotherapy Council.

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